Here workshop on location services

The Arab IoT & AI Knowledge Hub is a program for capacity building to qualify Arab youth and build future calibers in the new technologies. It comprises courses, tutorials, and interviews with technology leaders to help anybody interested in AI & IoT.

07/07/2020 to 25/08/2020

Previous Sessions

Here workshop on location services


Innovate Vision Solutions with OpenVINO session

As our partnership continues, Intel is introducing a session about Innovate Vision Solutions with OpenVINO, presented by Baghwan Ramnani, Digital Transformation Manager at Intel Innovation Center, Dubai. The session covers these key topics:

  • Introduction to Intel OpenVINO ToolkitSolutions and Use
  • Cases based on IoT/AI/Computer Vision
  • Introduction to Intel DevCloud
  • Next step: how to Join Intel DevCloud and try OpenVINO Toolkit for your Projects

Innovate Vision Solutions with OpenVINO session

As part of the Arab IoT & AI Knowledge Hub, we introduce the AI & ML Online Session with Amazon Web Services. Learn and apply some amazing facts about AI by using the unique tools of AWS.

During 1 hour of an exciting e-learning experience you will explore:

  • AI/ML in Amazon and in AWS
  • The 3 layers of AI within AWS
  • Amazon SageMaker
  • Demos on different AWS AI/ML products such as Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Polly
  • A set of blogs with CloudFormation templates to create demos quickly like building a Chatbot and others

Presented by:

Eng. Ehsan Tashman, AI and Machine Learning Solutions Architect at AWS, MENA Region.


Being part of the Arab IoT & AI Knowledge Hub, we will bring you together with successful role models in the field of AI & IoT, through a set of interviews, to reveal their secret recipe for success.

Mohamed El-Geish, Director of Artificial Intelligence – Cisco, is our first guest.

Having worked in almost all types of work environments, he gained a great experience that helped him to publish a book, scientific papers, and 9 patents.

Meet him now!