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Here workshop on location Services

In a world of connected data, we present a framework for gathering, managing, and analyzing data; the Geographic Information Systems (Location Services). As part of Arab IoT & AI Knowledge Hub program, we are launching a live workshop about Geographic Information Systems (Location Services), introduced by Here Technologies in partnership with Arab IoT & AI challenge. In conjunction with IBM , Here is providing the attendees with the technical content through a set of live sessions, assignments, and a final project.

Workshop Features
  • It’s a free online workshop revolving around how location services are changing the way the world works.
  • Attendees will connect with technical experts from home and get mentored by Here thought leaders who will evaluate their final projects.
  • We’re not offering a workshop only, we offer a competition at the end of the workshop with valuable awards.
  • The technical content is provided by Here Technologies, in conjunction with IBM .
  • All attendees will receive Here Technologies digital certification.
  • All attendees will have the opportunity to join Arab IoT & AI Challenge with the same projects.
Workshop Details

The workshop revolves around Location Services. Through these unique services you can make a model for a specific place and pinpoint some features in it, help users navigate in a real place through following a pre-set virtual map, or track live locations of delivery men. There are numerous applications for location services.

The Agenda

The workshop comprises 8 weekly online live sessions:

  • Day 1: Location Services and Platform Introduction (Webinar) .
  • Day 2: Build an app using the Disaster Resiliency Starter Kit (Webinar).
  • Day 3: Create a mobile app to facilitate community collaboration (Webinar).
  • Day 4: What happens when AI meets Location - Finding Optimal Locations for New Stores (Webinar).
  • Day 5: Build a location-aware IoT Ecosystem with HERE and IBM Cloud (Part 1) (Workshop).
  • Day 6: Build a location-aware IoT Ecosystem with HERE and IBM Cloud (Part 2) (Workshop).
  • Day 7: Powering the Blockchain with Location (Webinar).
  • Day 8: Learn how to integrate location element in Node-Red (Workshop).
Important Dates

The Workshop will start on the 7th of July.

Workshop Mentors
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