The Arab IoT & AI Challenge is a regional capacity-building and pre-incubation program for high school students, senior university students, and startups that have innovative ideas in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related fields.

Graduations Projects : senior university students of related schools who are willing to complete their graduation projects in the fields of IoT and AI.

Startups : tech startups that are already working, or willing to work, in the fields of IoT and AI.

Schools : high school students in STEM schools across the Arab countries.

  • Technical mentorship
  • Project funding, for free-equity
  • Top-notch companies networking (Intel - Here - AWS - Google and others)
  • Advanced technical training
  • Access to global conferences
  • Access to advanced digital fabrication labs
  • Access to AIoT Arab region community
  • Networking with academia, industry leaders & governmental representatives
  • Incubation programs for winners
  • Recognition certificates
  • Registration
  • Business ideation and technical product development training
  • Filtration step based on the ideation phase
  • Advanced technical trainings on AI & IoT technologies
  • Technical & business mentorship
  • Filtration step based on the prototype development
  • Fabrication workshops
  • Access to fabrication facilities
  • Technical & business mentorship
  • Local demo days in each country
  • Regional Arab finals

10 for the graduation projects track

3 for the high schools track

5 for the startups track

You can register through our website at https://arabiotai.org/register

There are no fees, registration is for free.

Your idea must be related to the IoT or AI fields.

The challenge has different organizers in each country. Since it’s a national challenge, it’s organized by a consortium of various entities in each country, constituting governmental and non-governmental organizations, private sector companies, and universities. The program unites the resources and experiences of the organizers and their respective partners to avail all the required materials, mentors, and expertise to the participating projects.

Only the jury, mentors, and program organizers will have access to the data of participants. The data will be strongly protected from any unauthorized access. Submitted data will be distributed within organizers’ internal units and affiliates. The participants declare that they have the absolute ownership of the submitted information for the Arab IoT & AI Challenge and it is not subject to the conflict concerning intellectual and/or industrial property rights (trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.)

We will not take any equity in your idea/startup. The program is non-for-profit.

The challenge is a long term program that occurs in conjunction with the Arab annual educational year, mostly from September to July. We start accepting new participants in the last quarter of each year, or early in the first quarter.

The winners in local challenges will represent their counties in the regional finals and compete with the winners from other participating counties. The Arab IoT & AI Challenge takes place in Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Palestine, Tunisia, and UAE.