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Arab IoT & AI Challenge is a regional capacity building and pre-incubation program for Senior University Students, High Schoolers and Startups that have innovative ideas in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related fields. Local challenges in Egypt, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and United Arab Emirate qualify their top winners to compete in the Arab IoT & AI Challenge regional finals.

What is Arab IoT & AI Challenge ?

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the evolution that will dramatically change all existing industries. Services and products powered by both will achieve digital transformation, making corporates and big technology providers, as well as governments, put significant efforts into developing solutions for their beneficiaries, which will enable them to reach new levels of efficiency and optimization to improve people’s lives, skills and capabilities.

Why Arab IoT & AI ?

  • Top Tier Trainings
  • Mentorship
  • Media Exposure
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Equity Free Prize Money

Why to join ?

  • Graduation projects with ideas related to IoT or AI technologies
  • Startups with AI or IoT powered solutions
  • High school students making use of AI or IoT in a certain application
  • Initiatives, NGO’s, academic institutions, or industry leaders who are interested in taking the lead to establish the challenge in their countries

Who can join ?

About IoT & AI Challenge




Since 2016, Egypt IoT & AI challenge has been launched to provide the young innovators and startups with a pre-incubation program to unleash their capabilities. 5 years and counting, it’s still here working in collaboration with the Academy of Scientific Research & Technology to support the development in the areas of IoT and AI, which will be the next evolution in the technical world.


As one of Tunisia’s projects is to spread the technologies of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the Tunisia IoT & AI Challenge is launched to create innovative ideas for a better Tunisian ecosystem and support the youth who have projects to establish smart cities.


Sponsored by the Jordanian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Jordan IoT & AI Challenge is created as a pre-incubation program for the innovative young minds, as the Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence are the next evolution that will drastically change the existing industries.


Oman IoT & AI Challenge is a pre-incubation and capacity building program designed to empower university students and startups, create new career opportunities. It also aims at supporting the technological projects in the fields of AI, IoT and marine applications. It is organized by The Research Council at Sultanate Oman.


Digital transformation, powered by AI and IoT, helps us lead better lives. Here comes the Palestine IoT & AI Challenge, supported by the Palestine Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence, to gather the Palestinian innovators and open new horizones for them to create and design creative solutions for the 21st century challenges.


In light of the UAE's continuous endeavors to enable innovation, support digital transformation, and empower the youth, the UAE IoT & AI Challenge is sponsored by Dubai University as a platform for innovation where university students and startups can share their innovative ideas in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related fields.

Challenge Tracks


A pre-incubation program for tech startups who are already working or willing to work on applications that support digital transformation. During the competition, participants go through intensive technical, business and innovation training and get offered the needed resources to help them develop working prototypes and business models for their products/services.

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Graduation Projects

A capacity building program for a full academic year, targeting senior university students in related schools who are willing to complete their graduation project in the fields of IoT and AI to develop smart sustainable cities and facilitate the digital transformation. Participants in this category get access to technology and innovation resources and have the opportunity for financial support/sponsorship for their projects.

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High Schools

Fostering the entrepreneurial mindset in youth earlier in schools, senior high school students in STEM schools across Arab countries to get trained on design thinking and selected technical topics related to new technologies in a semester-long program. Students get the opportunity to build their prototypes, test their solutions and win valuable prizes.

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